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Wild Cats

Wild cats such as tigers, lions, panthers and cheetahs all bring to mind beautiful, strong animals that can kill in a flash. While these not-so-cuddly creatures appear cute and adorable in nature shows or in the zoo, in real life you wouldn't get very close and affectionate with them unless you were a professional circus trainer.

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Wild Cat

Remember what happened to illusionist Roy Horn of the famous tiger-training duo Siegfried and Roy?

Wild cats that remain in the wild are best appreciated from afar, through the television or a safe safari SUV.

But, what about urban cats that run amok on vicious city streets? These creatures are far from domesticated and exhibit some behaviors of their larger feline relatives. When you encounter a stray cat, you may be meeting a kitty that was born on the streets, in some dark alley in the dead of winter.

Like any creature that comes from a difficult upbringing, these urban wild cats can be tough, mean and are most likely scared for their lives. They have learned how to live the hard way and that is all they know.

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Because of their unwanted position in life, they have most likely not been treated well by humans and will be wary of any interaction. Wild cats will be on the defense, like any creature that has not enjoyed the comforts of proper parenting or a warm fire to curl up near.

If you meet a wild cat and you want to take it in as your own, the best way to go about it is to have a lot of patience. The wild cat will be hungry and often travel with its brothers and sisters or other strays, always looking for its next meal in a garbage can.

If you want the wild cat to warm up to you, you'll have to take it slowly. Leaving bowls of food and water on your front step or porch will encourage the wild thing to come and visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It may run away when your open the door to greet it at first or try to bite you if you reach out to pet it.

It's All About the Food ...

A good idea is to allow the wild cat to get used to coming to your door for food. Once it figures out that the food will be there every day, it will not be able to resist your charms. Try feeding the wild cat out of your hand after a time, once this is accomplished, you can attempt to pet it while feeding.

Slowly move the food and water closer to your home and once you get the wild cat to come inside to eat, find a good place for its nourishment. Most likely, it will come to love you and appreciate your attempts at affection. All creatures need love and wild cats maybe more than other kinds of domesticated feline, since they have been starved of it in their little lives.

Once you build up trust between you and the wild cat, it will realize the benefits of your warm house, sofa, lap and yummy treats you provide for it and you'll be on your way to having a good relationship that can last the rest of its life.