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Tomcats are male, un-neutered cats by definition. Sometimes, the term "tomcat" is inappropriately used to describe a big, fluffy male companion cat, even when he's neutered, although this is inaccurate.

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A tomcat's personality will vary, depending on his breed. Tomcats are not defined singularly by their breed, as all felines can be trained to assimilate into domestic life by their owners.

An owner that allows a tomcat to scratch up the furniture or climb all over the drapes at a young, kitten age will have problems in the future with torn-up sofas and be reduced to installing Venetian blinds.

Providing your tomcat with firm, strong disciplinary rules will help you and your pet have a long life together. Of course, in addition to your plan of discipline, you must give your tomcat lots of love, attention and affection and it will learn by positive reinforcement what to do and what not to do around the house.

Cat's Not Broken So Why Fix It?

The biggest problem you will experience with a tomcat is during the mating phase. If you are a pet owner, it is imperative that you get your tomcat neutered to prevent obnoxious feline behavior. When a tomcat goes into the mating phase, he will spray unpleasant smelling urine around the house to mark his territory.

If he is an outdoor tomcat, he may also start showing up unexpectedly on doorsteps where there are pussycats in heat, begging for attention and more than a little love. An un-neutered tomcat may be well trained and a perfect joy when not in the mating phase, but his entire good upbringing may be thrown out the window when his hormones take over. Although it may sound cruel and unusual to remove your male cat's reproductive organs, the results of the surgery produce a much calmer, happier kitty.

If your tomcat is a house cat, he may try to escape when it's mating time, become disoriented and get lost. Even when you successfully deter your male feline friend from running off to the next-door neighbor's crowd of queens in heat, he may become frustrated and take it out on you and your home. To eliminate his frustrations (and yours), it is your responsibility to take your precious and unhappy tomcat to the vet, get him neutered and take him home to live a much healthier and pleasant feline existence.

Tom Swift ...

If you don't take the responsibility to get your tomcat neutered, you are setting him up for a difficult life (not a swift move). While it may seem like a good idea to allow your tomcat a mating experience with the pretty pussycat down the street, the resulting litter may not be so easy to deal with. If this happens without your knowledge and you are not a cat breeder or intend on keeping the litter of kittens, the chances of these adorable creatures finding good homes are slim.

Unwanted kittens end up in animal shelters, do not find suitable human parents and are many times put to sleep. If the spawn of your tomcat doesn't make it to the animal shelter and end up living on the streets, they will face an even scarier existence that may end in starvation, disease or a deadly car accident. Be responsible and turn your furry friend from tomcat into a friendly feline gelding doing him and yourself a big favor.