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House Cats

House cats can be a source of love, companionship and stress relief. Having a cat around the house that needs and wants your attention on a daily basis, albeit on the house cat's terms as felines are relentlessly independent, can improve your quality of life.

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Spending a little time each day, caring for your furry house cat friend can bring joy into your life and allow you to step outside of yourself.

Helping a small creature to experience a good life keeps a person healthy and sane in a world of a great deal of selfish behavior.

Your house cat may act aloof or independent, but in truth, your feline friend needs you just as much as you need them. Making sure your house cat has plenty of toys to play with such as miniature mice, balls with jingle bells inside and a healthy amount of classic, old-fashioned string, will help to keep your house cat physically and mentally fit.

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I have never met a house cat that didn't love a laser toy and I have never met a pet owner that didn't enjoy making the furry creatures run around the house, mesmerized by the small red light. A kitten will always have lots of energy to run about, but an adult house cat may become lethargic when it gets older. Making sure to spend some quality time each day to play with your house cat can prevent your animal from becoming a fat cat and provide much-needed stress relief for you.

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Of course, a clean litter box that is changed once daily, a daily serving of fine cat food and occasional treats can provide your house cat with the proper environment to live a happy cat life. If you have more than one house cat, it is a good idea to provide each of them with their own litter box, so your felines have a place of their own. This can also prevent inappropriate urination around the house.

When your house cats do something right, such as purring quietly on the couch, playing with their toys or playing with each other without tearing the house apart, you should make an effort to reinforce this behavior through praise and affection. Like children, your house cats will repeat behaviors that you find positive through affirmation of their actions.

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to get your house cat to agree to sit on your lap or join you in front of the television for some petting. If you show your kitty a great deal of love when it behaves the way you want it to, there is more of a chance to better your relationship with your house cat.

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Whether your house cat sleeps in bed with you, sits with you as you have a cup of tea in the kitchen, twirls around your feet while you are getting ready in the bathroom, it wants you to love it and show you love in return. Having a furry, silent friend who is always around and needs you may be the one thing that gets you through a tough day or a tough week.