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Stray Cats

Stray cats can be annoying or they can become your best friends. If you're a pet-loving person, there may have been a time in your life when you repeatedly witnessed the same adorable kitty staring at you on your daily walk home from the office, school or local park.

Stray Cat and New Friend
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From underneath a rusted-out jalopy, wide, tear-filled eyes (if stray cats could cry, they would) look desperately hungry, sad and forlorn and pull at your heartstrings.

You tried your best to ignore this furry feline, but your curiosity gets the better of you and you started giving this cute stray cat scraps of your leftover sandwich each day.

And Then ...

Pretty soon, the little ball of fur began to await your arrival and started following you home, meowing and purring contentedly when you paid it the least bit of attention. You tried to avoid the little critter, but the stray cat wouldn't leave your mind or heart and you took it in, against your better judgment, providing your timid four-legged friend with shelter, nourishment and a number of inoculations from the vet. In return, your stray cat friend provides you with hours and hours of aloof fun and tons of independent love.

Hundreds of thousands of stray cats every year are taken in by strangers falling victim to their charms and every year, house cats become stray cats because of neglectful owners allowing them to become lost or go missing. Most people have heard the child-like cries of sad stray cats yowling all night from the depths of their local garbage cans and alleyways.

Make yourself at home!

Stray Cat with Unique "Pet Bed"

The cries from these alley cats can be tiresome, heart wrenching and downright frightening. Too many owners let their feline friends wander freely and without proper collars containing nametags or emergency information. When these house cats become lost, disoriented or found by a stranger, they are unable to be returned to their rightful owners, thus becoming stray cats or someone else's pet. These legions of pets wandering the streets become the lowest common denominator of feline, the stray cat.

If you have become the object of a stray cat's affection and you don't necessarily have the time or inclination to have it move in with you and take over your home, you can befriend the stray cat by leaving a bowl of food and water on your doorstep or porch.

The stray cat will continue to have all its freedom to roam without you worrying where it's been, how late it's been out and what other felines it has been cavorting with. You will have the peace of mind to know that your "pet" stray cat is being well fed and surviving the struggles of the streets.

Stray Cats Being Fed

TLC Good For U and Me ...

If you are a kitty lover and you just can't say no to your green-eyed furry friend, it is wise to take it in and treat it with a lot of tender loving care. Make sure that you take your stray cats to the vet for proper vaccinations and a thorough checkup to make sure it hasn't contracted any diseases and can boast a clean bill of health.

Taking in stray cats can bring a lifetime of love into your home. Just look at all the "cat ladies" out there who are perfectly content with 10 stray cats that they have befriended, most of whom they have rescued from the mean streets of your town or from the local animal shelter. Sometimes, taking in a stray can be right on the mark.