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Persian Cats

Persian cats are one of the most prominent breeds of felines existing today. Persian cats are also known as celebrity pets and can frequently be seen at cat shows. They are commonly called longhairs in Great Britain.

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Persian cats originate from central Asia and the name was taken from Persia, which is known today as Iran.

Persian cats were carried from the Middle East in the 17th century to Europe and they immediately became a popular breed among pet enthusiasts. Longhairs invaded the English people's hearts as they took the center stage of the first cat show to be held in London during the 19th century.

The Breed

Persian cats are short and wide with a body that has a powerful and stocky look. Persian cats have a compact neck and strong legs that support a well-balanced frame. All of the members of this breed have large brown eyes, short noses and rounded ears.

Although most Persian cats have the same distinction, they differ in two types of looks. The first is the typical modern Persian cat, which has a face that is flat. This type is commonly seen at shows, and the second is the classic Persian cat with a doll face, which has a proportionate "cute" looking face, and the nose and mouth sits directly in front of its eyes. The most attractive features of this cat are its long fluffy coats that make it adored by pet lovers.

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Persian cats are quiet animals as they prefer a placid lifestyle and one that does not require a lot of chasing and running around inside the house. Persian cats are relatively inclined to be more calm and gentle.

Taking Care of Persian Cats

The long fluffy Persian cat coat needs regular attention from its owner. A monthly bathing is also needed. Brushing the Persian cat's hair regularly prevents entanglement and will improve the pet's attractive coat.

Being a furry-looking species, especially at the face near the eyes, the Persian cat needs a regular checkup and cleaning on the areas surrounding the eyes. Residue in this area may build up that may cause a drainage problems.

Veterinarians have found that 40-percent of Persian cats were carrying a disease called PKD, or Polycystic Kidney Disease. This is a genetically acquired kidney ailment that is common among Persians when compared to other breeds.

Choosing Persian Cats

Persians are generally quiet cats. They tend to be peaceful and laid-back. But, as they are beautiful cats with long fluffy hair, they will needs extra care. If this trait is what you are looking for in a pet, then a Persian cat would be a good choice.

Persian cats are more for show, than for go. If you're looking for a playful kitty that will scamper about and provide a lot of crazy kitty entertainment, then Persian cats may not be the breed that is well suited for you.

Being show animals, Persian cats have been the mainstay of movies for many years. James Bond movies and parodies such as Austin Powers have shown supposedly evil characters holding Persian cats to contrast their evildoer's personality.

Just remember, as Tweety Bird might say, with Persian cats a little stroking underneath the chin will be perfect to promote a little purring from the pretty puddy-tat.