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Maine Coon Cats

When a Maine Coon cat walks in a room, every head turns. This is perhaps the best description every owner of this feline has to say. The reason for this is because the Maine Coon cat breed has an amazing look, as a particularly large feline, possessing long fur coupled with the stance of a wild animal.

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Young Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are a relatively old breed that dates back to the 19th century.

Maine Coon cats were kept as pets during colonial times when settlers first arrived in the Americas by boat. They brought with them some felines, which could get rid of the rodents.

Because of the Maine Coon cats' furry and dense coat, a lot of myths spread through town, some of which were ridiculously impossible. They say that the Maine Coon cat is a cross between a raccoon and a kitty, which is genetically impossible. But, the myth was a result of the similarity between the raccoon's coat and the coat of this breed. Some also say that the bobcats are the ancestors of these furry felines.


The main purpose of the arrival of Maine Coon cats was the need for pest control. When they arrived in Maine, a state which is known for its cold weather, these cats had to be capable of enduring nasty winter conditions and keeping homes mouse-free.

After many generations, the Maine Coon cats evolved, and only the toughest and the most able-bodied ones survived. It should also be noted that the Maine Coon cats' fur adapts to the weather conditions, and this results in the long fluffy fur that we now see and admire.

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Nature has its own way of protecting its inhabitants, and being part of nature, these kitties developed and evolved through time, surviving all the way up to the present. That also explains why the fur of the polar bear is double the thickness when compared to a grizzly bear, and why a mammoth during the ice age had long hair when compared to it's descendants in the present time.

At present, Maine Coon cats are the main attraction among pet shows. They have become a distinct cat breed since then and are recognized by some of the leading cat owner's association and pet lovers around the world.

In the advent of popular crossbreeding schemes happening elsewhere, the Maine Coon cat still maintains its purebred nature, as some organizations and individuals still work on maintaining its glory and resurrecting the breed of Maine Coon lines.


This type of cat mainly has a robust appearance, and the adult Maine Coon cat can reach up to 25 pounds, with the females weighing up to 14 pounds. Unlike other ordinary felines, Maine Coon cats mature slowly and will reach the age of four years before achieving full body size.

The Maine Coon cats' head is medium in size and well balanced, and it is coupled with big wide expressive eyes and a square shaped muzzle. Maine Coon cats may also have a mane of hair around their necks, inspiring some to call the breed "Mane Coon Cats".

The hair of the Maine Coon cat is its main attraction. It is silky, fluffy, longer and thick on the lower area, especially around the stomach and tapering up to the shoulder. The most prevalent color scheme is brown with gray tabby markings.

As with any other cat's behavior, the Maine Coon is as playful and energetic as others would be, but can be reserved in front of strangers, thereby giving it an aura of mystery.