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Fat Cats

Fat cats are not just high rollers on Capitol Hill, but they are real life rolly polly kitties as well. Fat cats may be amusing to some feline owners, but they come with some health risks.

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Fat Cat with Remote

When a rich greedy person owned a kitty in the past, their felines had a tendency to be obese because like their owner, who amassed huge amounts of wealth in a shady manner, the cats would benefits from his master's greedy lifestyle.

These fat cats would then be eating and sleeping all day, which resulted in a tubby tabby or a fat feline. So, the idiom or slang of being called "fat cat" is an expression of derision.

Is My Cholesteral High?

Obesity among pets needs to be avoided since it can cause many problems not only on for the fat cat itself, but also for the owners as well. Along with excessive weight are tons of health complications, which may lead to sickness and a short life span for the fat cats plus many medical bills for the owners.

It's a good thing there is no discriminating eyes in the animal kingdom, and if you happen to have fat cat around, his fellow felines won't say that his waist is the size of the equator. The one exception to this rule is for one fat cat named Garfield, however.

Bring me a pork chop!

Fat cats may develop feline diabetes, if the situation is not corrected immediately. Fat cats eat more calories than they burn. There are a lot of disadvantages of having a fat cat as compared to the tag of having a "cute" pet. After all a fat cat may not be called "cute" if it suffers from complications brought about by obesity.

Your pet may suffer from breathing problems as the nature of the animal is to run around and play. Having excessive body weight may prevent him from doing this regimen, and may render the fat cat lethargic and unhappy.

Sometimes the predicament is not solely the fault of the fat cat. In the animal kingdom, animals tend to eat only what they need and they only eat enough food to relieve their hunger.

Does This Make Me Look Fat ...

Fat cats do not practice hoarding food as if tomorrow was the end of the world. This is something that only humans do. It is up to the owners to regulate and control what their pet eats, and what kind of food to give them. In that instance, only the owners can remedy the ongoing obesity their pets are suffering.

If you see that your fat cat is expanding its waistline like a balloon in the Macy's Day Parade, consult your veterinarian immediately. The vet can assess the condition and level of the obesity and recommend regimens necessary for the cure. They can also examine your pet for some health complications that might have built up over time.

No Cheeseburger Jokes, Please!

Like humans, fat cats may overeat because they are bored. Getting rid of boredom in your pet is the start of a good routine for both of you to get into. Playing with your fat cat and spending more time with your animal in activities that promote exercise will help.

Also, some fat cats get into their conditions because of an injury. If an older feline has injured its paw, it is more likely not to move as much and eat more to try to get itself healthy again. This combination of lack of exercise and increased food may lead to the animal becoming a fat cat. Make sure this temporary condition doesn't turn into a lifelong pattern, however.

Walk That Fatty Catty ...

Spend some time with your fat cat outside of the four corners of your house, and do some exercise. It doesn't need to be a Jane Fonda's regimen or yoga. But, getting out and taking a walk with your fat cat will do you both good. A new playmate for the fat cat will also help burn off some calories.

Not all fat cats will be curable. But, most fat cats will be able to loose a pound or two around their waistlines and this will keep kitty around in this world that much longer.


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