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Crazy Cats

Crazy cats may spice up a pet owner's life depending upon how crazy the cat is. In other words when we speak of crazy cats are we talking insane or just wacky?

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In every aspect of life, whether it be in the human world or in the animal kingdom, there is always a misfit who tries to get our attention or sometimes makes us wonder how diverse the world is.

Some would say that these things happen as a result of behavioral patterns, which sometimes causes illicit curiosity among observant people.

Call Me Crazy, One More Time ...

Pet owners often encounter misfit pets, and in the case of the feline species, "crazy cats" are pretty common. These crazy cats will often display behavioral problems, which some owners see as a burden and a cause for worry. While crazy cats may not be an abominable monster beneath your bed, those who love their pets are alarmed by odd, aggressive or bizarre behavior.

A feline's brain weighs a total of 1-percent of their body weight, while humans are 2-percent. Kitties can see shapes and recognize colors and they have very good memories.

Do the Hokey Pokey and that's what it's all about!

Felines are much more likely to remember bad experiences, and that explains why some crazy cats have traumas and fears when confronted with a situation that reminds of them previous bad experiences. They can even recall faces and scents, as well as places of comfort.

Judgment passes on these crazy cats when they display behaviors like turning over their water bowl, or perhaps biting the hand that feeds them. There is always an explanation for this, as this type of negative behavior always has its roots. Perhaps the crazy cat doesn't like stale water. You can always freshen up the water for your pet, or better yet, purchase a water fountain from the pet shop.

Knocking over figurines and breaking precious displays does not mean that the cat is crazy or stupid. Maybe your kitty is bored and looking for some things to do while prowling around your house. Jumping and clawing are their instincts and you should expect them to do it.

Get something for your crazy cats to do. Toys can be useful, as it will keep them busy and out of trouble. Or better yet, spend some time playing with your crazy cats. As the owner, bonding with your kitty might solve the problem without the need to buy anything else.

Testing One, Two, Three ...

Run some tests on your crazy cats. You can create a sound by using an empty can of soda with loose coins. Try to rattle it and make a sound to see if your crazy cat pays attention or runs toward you, or maybe the snapping of a can opener might get his attention.

By doing these things, you will often find that you don't have a crazy cat. Why? Because his instincts are well intact and it responds to the call of his nature, which is to eat (snapping a can opener or rattling a can of food can get their attention).

The behavior of your animal is its way of conveying its feelings. Wacky and bizarre behaviors are best explained if the owners take time to consider past traumas. Traumas are sometimes embedded in the cat's memory, so one that may appear crazy is just going through what we humans would refer to as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Having an understanding of trauma does not only apply only for human to human relationships. If you admit that you are a superior to an animal, then along with that superiority comes the responsibility of recognizing their behavior for what it is. Only then will you truly understand how to care for your crazy cat.

If your crazy cat is prone to knocking things over, invest in a kitty condo, or tower. Install some feline ramps or a heated window perch. Have interactive playtime with your pet on a daily basis. Talk to, stroke and sooth your crazy cat so you can nurse it back to health.

Would You, Could You ...

Think about it for a minute. When the crazy cat is in the room and you call its name, does it come over to you? When you are running the can-opener or snapping open a can of cat food, does it come running?

Many new cat owners misunderstand their behavior, and want to know if something is wrong with their pets. These people will often declare that they are plagued with "stupid or crazy cats!"

As the owner, though, you must see to his every need including buying toys, scooping out his litter pan and worrying about him when he is ill. If your crazy cats demonstrate odd behavior, this doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with them. Remember, a feline's brain weighs 1-percent of the animal's total weight. The human brain weighs 2-percent of our overall weight.