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When you think of catfights, what is the first thing that springs into your imagination? A pair of oily, bikini-clad women duking it out in a wrestling ring filled with mud and a cheering, rowdy crowd? A bar brawl between two drunken women fighting over the same man, pulling each other's hair, attempting to scratch each other's eyes out while simultaneously yelling every known expletive in the slang dictionary?

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Or do you imagine, a pair of practically starving stray cats squared off against each other in the back of a dark alley, fighting over territory and much-needed food?

All of these answers are correct, although the slang term is most often used to describe nasty altercations between rivaling human females involving pushing, slapping and, in many a male fantasy, ripping each other's clothing off.

Put 'Em Up, Pal!

'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', as the paraphrased quote from William Congreve suggests. Do not let the fact that catfights are used to describe grappling females deter you from thinking that a catfight of either the animal kingdom variety or the human variety is anything to laugh at.

Violence of any kind is no laughing matter and if a person's emotions or anger is at such a high level that the only form of communication possible is attack or assault, there could be serious physical or legal repercussions. It's all fun and games until someone looses an eye, as they say, and catfights between women or felines can be dangerous and deadly.

Now kiss it and make it better!

It's entirely possible that the term catfight became a slang term for dueling females from the severity of a feline catfight. Felines are very territorial and they will fight with others to acquire more territory or fight to keep what they "own".

Pets can be severely injured in a territorial catfight with tomcats taking the brunt of physical damage in the animal world. When kitties are wounded in a fight, they can develop serious injuries that may result in death, if left untreated. If you neuter or spay your animal, there is a better chance they will not be so prone to fight.

A tomcat will establish his territory around the house by spraying and he will continue to try to expand his territorial area if he is never neutered. Neutered pets do claim an area but the area is smaller and more localized and they are much more relaxed about their territory. Pussycats have the reputation as being equally ruthless and prone to fighting whether they are spayed or not.

A bite resulting from a catfight is a serious calamity, whether we are talking about the human female or the feline female. A feline bite and a human bite are common ailments resulting from either species' participation in a catfight.

Both human and animal bites are serious wounds that can result in nerve damage, high rates of infection and potential serious complications. If your experience either type of bite, rush to the hospital and get it seen by a doctor immediately to prescribe you antibiotics. Puncture wounds from a nasty bite can result in high fever and bacteria from a pet's mouth being lodged underneath the skin after the wound closes up.