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Cat Health

Cat health is an important part of the responsibility of pet ownership. Your furry feline friend is not capable of making sure it stays healthy without your help. Taking your cat to the vet on a regular basis, proper grooming, appropriate diet and nourishment together with a steady dose of tender loving care will guarantee your cat lives a long and healthy life.

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Feeding your feline a balanced diet for the best cat health will include foods that are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Be sure to read the labels of the pet food you are buying and make sure that you don't feed your animal foods with a lot of additives or high vegetable content (And, occasionally glancing at the pet food recall list won't hurt either).

Find out which flavors and styles your pet is fond of and provide it with a decent variety. The food you feed your cat will help it to stay disease free, maintain proper weight and have a healthy, shiny fur coat. Feeding your feline dry food is good for its teeth but does not provide necessary water or appropriate fat content. Wet, canned food can be more expensive but provides proper nourishment for your cat. The best idea is to combine a diet of wet and dry food for overall cat health.

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Kitties need to drink lots of water and a owners should make sure there is always a fresh bowl available for your furry friend to drink all day long. While your pet can drink as much water as it likes, this is not the case with food.

Overfeeding your kitty is not good cat health as it can result in obesity and lethargy. Feeding your pet twice a day on a regular schedule is the optimal daily nutrition. It's okay to supplement your cat's canned and dry food diet with a little people food now and then. Cooked liver, cheese, milk, fruit, fish and vegetables can add much needed nutrition in your feline's diet. Be careful not to overdue it on the people food or your animal will shun its canned food.

Proper grooming of your pet's coat will also contribute to the health of the cat and provide you with some bonding time. Long-haired kitties need more brushing that shorter haired ones and it is especially necessary to pay attention to your long-haired cat's fur if it is matting. Some felines enjoy a good brushing while others despise it.

Knowing the Trick ...

When it comes to cat health, finding a routine that works for both you and your pe tis the trick. I used to scratch my kitty's neck while brushing it all over, since he wasn't very fond of being brushed. Never force your pet to be brushed for longer than it wants or you could end up with a nasty bite or scratch.

Of course, routine visits to the veterinarian and making sure your pet is up-to-date with all vaccines will help ensure optimal cat health and prevent other animals from contracting diseases. Taking care of your furball requires minimal effort and if your use some common sense, coupled with love and affection, your pet should live a long, happy and healthy life. Remember that cat health is important and it is in your hands to do what needs to be done to insure the feline lives a disease-free and content life.