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Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are a cross breed between a domesticated cat and a wild cat, Particularly the Asian leopard. The Bengal cat's appearance is more on the side of the leopard, but with the temperament of a domesticated cat.

Bengal Cat
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This type of breed is gaining popularity because of the exotic look of the feline.

Being separated by at least four generations from its roots, the Bengal cat has excellent behavior and is easy to manage. Thus, Bengal cats can be considered as pets for any household.

The Breed

A breeder from Arizona back in the 1980s launched a formal procreating process of crossbreeding a wild leopard and a domesticated cat based on the ancestors of these hybrids. With a coat pattern and color in mind for preserving the wild and natural look of a leopard, he started out and succeeded in crossbreeding the felines.

Since then, TICA (The International Cat Association) has recognized Bengal cats and people have flocked to marvel at the wonderful results and own these felines for themselves. The Bengal cats are different from other kitties in that besides being fascinated with running water, they don't mind getting wet. Bengal cats will jump in sinks, bathtubs and even toilets and can often be found drinking from a dripping faucet.

Bengal cats are high-energy animals more so than other kitties. And, Bengal cats are also particularly fond of humans and will follow people around as they go about their normal activities. But, Bengal cats are not really ones to sit in a person's lap for very long since they are too high energy to relax for very long.

BFF's ...

For owners who are away a great deal of the time, it is recommended that your Bengal cat have a playmate to keep it occupied. Otherwise, the Bengal cat may just get mischievous and start destroying parts of the home.

A Bengal cat's prominent features are its coat and wild look, which is much like a leopard. The rosette coat pattern can be either marble tabby or a spotted tabby. Some of these cats are even white, and they are called Snow Bengals.

Bengal cats will often have matching blue eyes to go with their white coats. The unusual physical characteristics of this type of breed is the glittering effect on its coat, which is a golden shine that covers its entire fur and makes the Bengal look amazingly beautiful. Couple this with the different shades of red, yellow and orange colors on its fur is what makes the Bengal cat look exotic and splendid.

Taking Care of Bengal Cats

Just like any other pets, Bengal cats should always be properly cared for, and this includes feeding, brushing and trips to the veterinarian as needed. Consult a veterinarian for the line of vaccines required to prevent diseases and save you the heartache of having a sick pet.

These cats are healthy and vigorous, and they always love to play. The owner should always consider giving Bengal cats lots of playing materials and toys around it to keep its muscular and robust body active and in shape.